February 14, 2007

Hawaii Anyone?

Instead of retyping and condensing what I posted in my MySpace blog while I was in Hawaii, I thought it be easiest on me to "copy and paste" here. I know - I'm lazy, but my eyes are going googly from sorting and uploading images to Tabblo, so I'm a copying and a pasting away!


As you can tell from my title, we made it to Hawaii -actually, the better term is--we survived. Traveling with a family, or I should say -- an infant, poses many challenges. I don't want to begin my Hawaiian blog with complaints because, hey we're in MAUI, one of the most beautiful places on this planet! Ahh, but you know me, I am a chick and I need to vent because I'm surrounded by men on this trip and they don't like to listen to this stuff. Ha!

So our journey began at 5:00 am. We were up till 11:30 pm packing the night before, so we definitely weren't well rested. Got the baby up, dressed and fed went smoothly and the shuttle service was punctual. After loading what seemed like 50 bags of luggage, we were off by 6:00 a.m (10 minutes behind schedule) to pick up my inlaws and brother in law. They were obviously better prepared than us -- already waiting and ready for us outside.

Arrived at the airport just in time. Then unloaded what now seemed like 70 pieces of luggage, backpacks, diaper bags, etc. The guys stayed outside and did curbside check-in while my MIL, baby and I waited inside the warm terminal.

Then after about 30 minutes, the guys join us and we were off to go through the stress of security checkpoint. Trying to take off our shoes, jackets, take out laptop, etc. and get all the items on the belt in a timely manner is always challenging. Thank goodness, they didn't make me remove Sophia from the carrier I had her strapped on to me with.

Then comes our first no-no as an airline passenger. I was not aware that baby jar food is not supposed to be put through the xray machine in the bag, so my BIL, who happened to get stuck with carrying that bag, was being questioned about it while I was in the other line trying to get through with a baby, and the security guy is looking at him like he's from the moon since he's telling the security that he has no idea what it's the bag he's carrying. I came to his rescue and things were cleared up.

As we're walking up to our gate, boarding has begun. Here's the kicker of the day. (Allow me to preface the following sentence with this information). After much deliberation and considerable thought about our 9 hour flight, we decided to purchase a seat (not cheap either)for Sophia so she wouldn't have to ride in our laps the entire time, but rather spend most of it strapped in her nice comfy car seat. So, we're waiting and everything is peachy. Until I look down and notice that Sophia's carseat is not in the pile with the rest of our carry on items. I ask Mike where it is. Guess where it was?? Being loaded on the bottom on the plane. Yes, he CHECKED it!

So we have no carseat to strap our 9.5 month old daughter in! Our very wiggly, hyper daughter. I wanted to SCREAM . My FIL was standing with us and it took every bit of strength I had in me not to wrap my hands around my husband's neck. I suppose I can't blame him. He had to deal with checking all our bags and a lost reservation number while standing outside in 30 degree weather. He goofed. And I just had to deal with it.

I'll make the rest of this short.

Sophia only took two power naps. The highlights of our flights were when she had two poopy diapers (one came from hell, I just know it). Try to imagine changing a baby's diaper in the tiny lavatory on the plane. NO fun! And she spent 90% of the time jumping, wriggling, climbing the seats, and rolling back and forth from my husband and I. Mike had to endure the daggers I was shooting at him every time Sophia was the equivalent of a Mexican jumping bean. Did I mention she did this about 90% of the time?

But yes! 9 flight hours later, we finally arrived!!! And she was in a terrific mood by then. Go figure. After about an hour and a half (and a missing piece of luggage) we were in our rented Excursion on our way to the hotel. Got checked in and our tummies filled.

THEN- the next morning (today), we just about sh** in our pants because we realized we're missing our camera bag, which had in it our Sony Cybershot PnS digital camera, Nikon CoolPix camera, and our tiny digital camcorder, all the batteries, memory cards -- over $2500 worth of equipment, all very new. After searching our rooms, the car, and a call into hotel security, no bag.

As I write this, Mike's taking a drive to Hertz to see if by chance it was left there.

Signing off now to get ready to attend the Old Lahaina Luau. Hopefully, I'll have a camera to capture the most authentic Luau in all of Hawaii...


First off...we found our camera bag! Yay!!!! What a relief. It was left behind (along with Domi's backpack, which was also full of valuable items) at the Hertz station. Thank God!

Enjoyed the Luau at Old Lahaina. Definitely worth the price. The hula girls girls looks so incredibly beautiful with their long hair, trim dark bodies, and oh, the way they can shake their hips. Needless to say, the guys had quite a show. But no worries--so did us ladies! The men did quite the same in their loin cloths. Hehe. Domi commented over the phone to our friend Javier, "Those Luau ladies... well...you just can't ignore them you know..." The music was also very empowering with the live Tahitian drummers. It was almost...erotic.

We also took a sunset drive up to Haleakala. Quite an experience to go from sea level to almost 10,000 feet in just a couple hours. We didn't make it to the summit before sunset, but did make it to one of the lookout points in time and got some great pictures of us above the clouds with the sunset spilling over them.

Next day we went snorkeling. This is where our vacation began to get interesting again. Took a boat out to Molokini and WOW what an amazing view of the sea life. The water was so clear! There were beautiful fish everywhere and swam so close to you, it felt like you could reach out and touch them. None of us had been snorkeling before, so this was quite a treat. Well, Domi was freezing in the water (I was the only one who rented a wetsuit) so Mike took him back on the boat to rent one and then it happened. Domi threw up. All over the floor of the boat. When our group was summoned back to the boat to go to our next stop, as soon as I got on the boat, I started feeling dizzy. Nothing too terrible, but just not feeling 100%. Can't say the same for Domi though. Poor guy threw up 2 more times on the boat. By the time we arrived at Turtle Cove I was feeling pretty horrid too, so we stayed behind on the boat while the rest of the crew went snorkeling. Mike thinks he was able to get some great pictures of the sea turtles. Said one was just a few feet away from him! How amazing.

Well, by the time we made it back to the hotel room, we thought we were free and clear of the vomit attacks, until we got in the hallway going to our room. Then it hit Domi again and he ran to the balcony and got sick again. We come back the room and then guess what? I start throwing up..over and over again. Poor Mike had to deal with a baby and two of us throwing up and moaning in bed the rest of the day. In case you want to know any more details about our vomiting experience, between Domi and I, we threw up 11 times. Ugggh!! We believe it was due to us accidentally ingesting salt water and then the boat ride with the motion sickness did not help. Very frustrating to lose a day and a half of our vacation.

A DAY and a HALF!

Instead of frolicking on the beach and basking in the sun, Domi and I were hugging the hotel toilet. No bueno! What was even more torture for me was that the next morning Mike was set to go deep sea fishing. You know how hard it is to care for a baby alone when you're sick?? Very hard. But I survived somehow and this morning I am back to my normal self.


Ok, so we're back home and have been for about a week. It's taken me this long to recup. I still have two suitcases that have not been unpacked. Long story short - the flight back was horrendous for me. I went 26 hours without sleep and having a 3 hour layover in LAX did not help. I was a zombie. Even fell asleep for 2 hours scrunched up in an airport seat while Mike watched Sophia. I was THAT tired. I was so happy to be home. Of course, we didn't get to do and see everything we had hoped and for me that was a trip to Hana. But what we did see was beautiful and I'd love to share these images with you. Scroll down for a preview of photographs, then come back and click on each one and it should take you to my Tabblos.

Mahalo for taking the time to read all this! Enjoy.


The journey to the summit of Haleakala brought us from coastal Maui, to the remote, native, high-elevation highest peak on Maui. We discovered an island in the sky where the clouds spread out below us like a second layer of ocean. Simply Amazing. It was incredibly chilly up top and the windy curvy road was a bit challenging for our driver and especially challening on a couple passengers due to dizziness and mysterious tooth pain, but worth the trip!

... See my Tabblo>

Tabblo: Under the Sea

Snorkeling for the first time was exciting for us. We took a boat to Molokini, which is just over 2 miles off the south shore of Maui. Its crescent shape acts as a fortress that provides protection from waves and powerful currents making this area one of the top ten dive sites in the world. We were amazed at how many beautiful fish there were just a few feet under the deep blue sea. We also stopped at Turtle Town and Mike and David got to swim with the turtles. However, we are disappointed in the quality of underwater camera pictures and these pictures just don't do this experience justice.

The only drawback to the day was when Domi got sick on the boat after our first stop. Soon after I also began to feel pretty horrid (but didn't get sick until we returned to the hotel). We believe it was due to us accidentally ingesting salt water. We chocked on it a couple times - duh.

On our ride back in, we were even treated to some whale watching. Lotsa momma whales with their babies!

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Tabblo: Helicopter Ride

Helicopter ride gave us an aerial view of Maui. Seen were beautiful tropical rainforests with vibrant green valleys -- glided over rugged towering sea cliffs along the coasts -- and hovered next to towering, plunging waterfalls and hidden valleys. A few waterfalls were photographed, however, the photos came out blurry. Grrr. It can be difficult to photograph out of a helicopter due to movement and reflection, but you get the jist of it all. Did ya notice the whales below? Aw.

Ok, I have to say it. One of these photos appears phallic to me. If you can figure out which one, you're as twisted as I am. LOL

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