July 31, 2008

Look Honey!

I cleaned out and organized the closet under the stairs today, per your wishes.
Need a wide-angle lens to get the whole thing, but can you at least see the organization?


Are you happy now, honey?
And will you hang up those pictures for me now?

Sophia (and the tots) now have room to sit inside and browse through hundreds of other books. Our own little library and listening center!



Love Thursday ~ Trust

I was inspired by Tanya's post today, and I knew I had to share these images I got yesterday evening. What I love about my husband is captured here. He'll come home from work, start dinner, and still take the time to take his daughter on a tricycle ride when she asks him. He never says, "I'm too busy" or "I'm too tired". What I love the most is he'll get on with her since her feet aren't long enough to pedal. And he doesn't care how silly he looks to those driving by.
This is what Love is all about.




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July 30, 2008

Whistler, B.C., Canada

Shortly after arriving in Seattle, we were already making our way up north to the Canadian border. It was important to me that we make it to Canada as the only border I've crossed is Mexico's. Dawn and her hubby have a studio in the gorgeous little village of Whistler. Mike went skiing in Whistler many years ago, so I assumed it was a winter-only destination, however, it's filled with summer activies also. There were countless choices in dining, shopping, and there's even a nightlife scene. It truly is a spectacular place.

Let me first tell you about our nightlife scene....

I don't know why, (well...yes I do), of all us gals, I was the one who was the most exhausted while there. I kept telling Dawn and Liza it was due to the fact that I had just flown half way across the country to get there, and was getting close to being awake for 24 hours. They kept poking fun, saying how OLD I was acting, blah, blah, blah. But, I certainly felt it, especially since I wasn't bouncing off the walls like Dawn was (some things never change. Ha!)

So after our 4 hour drive to Whistler, and our activities for the day, and then dinner, all I wanted to do was go back to the studio and sleep. The girls wanted to go dance. I thought they were out of their minds. So we compromised and we went to a bar, had a drink, and then agreed to head back to the studio, and that we would dance the next night in Seattle.

This is where is gets fun....
And so typical of what would happen to us while a top a mountain in Canada.

We all wore our heels for the evening portion, and mine were not broken in yet. Only worn about 2 times.
We sat and waited for the shuttle to take us back to our hotel.

But, no shuttle.
So we wait more.
Still, no shuttle.

So what does Liza suggest? That we start WALKING (!!!) and that we'll see the shuttle on the way and it will pick us up. I think she's out of her flippin' mind, but I don't say anything. I just go along...

Let me just preface this by saying, I would have no problem walking anywhere, however--

1). I was in heels. High ones.
2). I was in new jeans that were way too tight and squeezing any remaining air out of my already exhausted body.
3). The walk was UPHILL.

So we start walking, and things are ok for about 10 minutes, and finally off come my heels because the hard gravel feels better than the pain that my heels are giving my swollen, blistered toes. We keep walking. Then, we pass most of the resorts and the hill gets steeper. We're going higher in elevation, so I'm focusing on just breathing. Also trying to keep up with Dawn, cause the skinny bitch is WAY ahead of us (and she still somehow has her damn heels on). We keep walking.

Now that we've passed all those resorts, there is NO light. All we see is the huge, dark hill ahead of us. And we have a long way to go. Oh, and obviously, the shuttle never appeared. By that point, I seriously feel like I'm going to die, or at least pass out. Then Dawn, says, "Oh, no! I hope we don't see any bears!"


I'm in NO condition to 'be alert' and 'bear aware' because I'm just focusing on not passing out and rolling down the wretched hill. Then I throw in my way-too-late 2 cents, about how we should have just taken a taxi from the village and whoever's idea it was to walk, was out of their mind!

So, what do we do? We're desperate, and I'm ready to hitchike. Soon thereafter, we see headlights and we're waving our arms flagging it down, and it's a TAXI! Thank GAWD! If my feet didn't feel like they were going to explode, I would've done the Happy Dance right there.

FYI: If any of you are in Whistler, during the summer, the shuttle does not run every 7 minutes after dusk.


On our way to the village. Happy and ready for an evening of fun.
This is Liza. Isn't she beautiful?



Shots from earlier that day.








The 2010 Winter Olympics will be held here in 1.5 years! Preparations are alreay being made.


July 29, 2008


I just have to get this post out of the way, and then I can post many of the dozens of shots I got while on my trip. So, as several of you already know, knowing that I had to not only do the painful task of buying a swimsuit for this trip, but actually WEAR one, and in front of my leaner counterparts, was something I was definitely NOT looking forward to. But I sucked it up, and decided I would bring a swimsuit and just deal with my pudge. However, when I pulled out my one-piece, granny-style suit (it even has the attached ruffle skirt), I knew I couldn't pack that frump. So, I dragged my fat ass to the stores, and did the dreaded swimsuit shopping last week.

After 2 stores, and trying on about 20 suits, and feeling very discouraged, I finally found the 'one'!
The one that I actually felt comfortable being in public in.

And then... I get to Seattle and see Dawn...our hostess ...


Now can you see why I had swimsuit distress? If it was a bunch of 'puffy' friends, I would have been fine, but never in my wildest dreams, did I think she would look this hot. And yes, for those of you who are wondering, she has had a child. And not a single damn stretch mark. How is this right?!?

She's no longer Dawn. We now call her Skinny Bitch.
Perhaps though, if the rest of us ran 5 miles a day, we'd look this amazing in our mid 30's.

Bittersweet Return

I just returned from the beautiful Pacific Northwest after an amazing rendezvous with my girlfriends from grade school. I have hundreds of photos to sort through, but for now, I'll share this one, which is how I spent both of my travel days...waiting, and some more waiting, in several terminals. I can't remember the last time I had this much alone time, but it gave me much time to just sit, read, and just think.

I fell in love with Seattle. I had a hard time leaving. I couldn't let go of Dawn as we said our goodbyes at the airport. I even felt that lump in my throat and held back tears. I want my family to live there. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Austin. It's the only city in Texas that I'd choose to live in, but Seattle was just breathtaking. If homes didn't start at $400K+, then maybe it could be a reality. But now, I'm happy to be home.


July 23, 2008

Bon Voyage!

Yep, this is where I'll be by tomorrow afternoon. I'm off to meetup with my childhood friends, and the venue this time is Seattle, and then we're off to Whistler, Canada! I've spent most of today day trying to find the perfect bathing suit for this trip and my bags are almost packed. This will be the first time I've been away from Sophia for an extended period. The boys are also out of town, so Mike is flying solo. The good news is, my dear comadre Tanya, is going to come over a couple of days in the morning, so Mike can get some work done, and I feel completely confident that everything will be a-ok.
Even though I know I'll miss my familia (I'm going to be away from my baby for FIVE days!), I'm so stinkin' excited to get away from this torturous Central Texas heat, and of course, see my pals that I've known for almost 25 years!

July 20, 2008

Birthday Girl ~ BSM

My camera just loves this little Lady. This is Anika during her 2nd birthday celebration.
Everytime I see her, I fall in love all over again. She, and her parents, are simply beautiful people.


July 16, 2008

The Product of his Heart and Hands

Just like his birthday invites, I love that Domi made his Thank You cards for those who came to his 16th birthday celebration.
He's definitely got the concept of being a creator rather than a consumer.


July 15, 2008

"Swing Please"

...these are the words we hear constantly these days. My honey installed this beautiful swing that I scored at one of my favorite consignment store in Lakeway. Got it brand new too. A lady apparently brought it in after finding it while on a cruise destination. Worth over $100 and I scored it for $25. Gotta love a bargain. And I what I love even more that's it's not made of hard plastic, but instead a natural, woven material and wood.

Sophia is a thrill seeker. It's hard to tell, but she was at least 8-9 feet high! You can see the top of the fence line under her feet, and she got up higher than this. Only her daddy gets her up this high. I just sit there and say, "Ooh, not so hard...oooh, be careful....." all while she squeals with laughter begging daddy to swing more.



July 14, 2008

July 13, 2008

Pollack Art, Toddler Style ~ BSM

Last week, I hosted an Art Pollack playdate at my casa with the O'Mamas. Mel cohosted and we hung up canvas and let the kids go to town with splitters, splotters, dribblers, and blobs of paint. Once the kiddies got tired of it, the mamas had some fun of their own. And yes, there was paint EVERYWHERE! From the concrete to the hanging potted plants (and some even landed on my camera!).

I've hosted probably close to a dozen art playdates, but this was the first time we (read, the hubby and boys) had to pressure-wash the patio afterwards. There was THAT much paint and layers of it. All in the name of ART. But it all came off! Later, I cut up the canvas into rectangles and I plan to stretch ours over a wood frame and hang for display.

I have lotsa great shots, but this one of Mr. Z takes the cake as my favorite.


And I probably should note that Mia's Mama and I both have shots from this same playdate for our BSM, and like I joked around with her, maybe we're spending too much time together??? ;)

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Harvest Concluded (Almost)



This is about what is left from our garden. We have a few tomatoes still ripening, but for whatever reason, only 2 of the 5 plants are producing. The heat is here and the soil is dry. Once August and September roll around, then we'll be planting our fall garden and we've learned what to do differently next time.

July 11, 2008

My Little Beauty

Some great shots I just HAD to share of Miss. Sophia. These were taken at a playdate by my uber talented photographer friend, Mel. She's got a photography biz now too, Peace Love Joy Photography. I have several friends and a family member who are professional (and incredibly talented) photographers, and although I have no desire to ever pursue photography as a business, these women have inspired and reignited the hobbyist in me.





Oh, and how Sophia LOVES her puppy. He goes EVERYWHERE with her. She talks to him, feeds him, checks if he's poopy, and lavishes him with her kisses. For a kiddo who never was into the 'lovey' thing, she sure has an attachment to this little guy.


July 09, 2008

Enjoying what Austin has to offer

I love Summer and Barton Springs.
And being able relish them both with my kids.


My boys are the most amazing big brothers to Sophia.







After swimming in Barton Springs, we headed over to P. Terry's, my favorite burger joint in Austin. They use hormone-free meat that is locally grown, and organic tomatoes AND have the BEST french fries. Like my grandma used to make.

Life is good.

July 06, 2008




Serena was born of the 4th of July and we went over to help her and Alana celebrate their birthdays. This was the best part of our weekend. She resembles so much of my mom with her red hair and brown eyes.

I couldn't get enough of her hair. Isn't it beautiful?
Curly, thick, vibrant, red hair.

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