March 30, 2009

Muddy Piggies | BSM


You're only a child once. Relish it.

March 26, 2009

Golf and Tennis Sized Hail

This is what my area got pummeled with yesterday afternoon. It came down so hard that the hail smashed through our skylight and it began hailing in our house. Domi, Sophia and I were crouched in the living room waiting for it to pass. Mike was on his way home. It took us several hours to clean up inside the house which lasted until mid morning today. Our yard and plants look pitiful. We even found a dead bird in the yard. And poor Rose. She's all beat up. We adopted her last year and were nursing her back to life--now, there is not much left of her, much less the rest of our roses.




What yesterday looked like seconds before the hail began to make its way through our roof.


March 15, 2009

Even When Skies Are Gray | BSM

You are my sunshine.


You make me happy, Corazón.


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March 13, 2009

The Seeds Are Sleeping

But not for long!

The hubby prepared the
rows and in went the seeds. I created photos of each veggie, got them laminated and placed the tags with the corresponding area of what we planted. I want the children to know what is growing and since they're not readers yet, what better way than with photos!


With all the heavy rain we've gotten this week, things should be sprouting soon.
Stay tuned!

March 08, 2009

No More Bun!

Once in a blue moon, I take out the bun and wear my hair down, which results in friends (who see me on a weekly basis) to exclaim, “OMG, your hair is LONG!” They act surprised because, well, it’s NEVER down, but instead pulled up in the notorious [frumpy] bun.

Two years ago, I chopped off my mane, and donated it to Locks of Love. On Saturday, I did it again. Cut off 10 inches. Ruben, my hairdresser, tried to encourage me to get just a trim and come back in a month, so he wouldn’t have to cut as short. Even though I cut off more last time, the end result was slightly above shoulder length hair. This time, since my hair wasn't quite as long, it would mean, just-below-the-ear length.

I couldn’t leave. Told him to chop it off. NOW.

As soon as his scissors made their last snip, my head felt 10 times lighter. Why I torture myself with the long hair is beyond me. Ah, yes, because I like to donate it to a good cause.

The hubby likes it long, but he doesn’t have to wash it, and dry it, and brush it, and WEAR it. Don’t think he’s too thrilled with the new do, but I feel 10 times better. I'm having a hard time getting used to having "bangs" as I haven't had bangs since I was oh, 7. But Ruben insisted since we were going so short, to try something new.

And there is no more bun.





Will get some pics up soon. My hairdresser, although good with his scissors, had a hard time using my camera.

March 03, 2009

Blessingway | Alternative Baby Shower

You know you’re an Other Mother when you're at a get-together and snap photos like this.


Last night, several of us O’Mamas got together and we celebrated a Blessingway for the expecting mamas in our mother’s group. There are five babies due this spring! And 4 of the 5 expecting guests of honor are mamas of children I care for (or have cared for). I truly feel a strong connection with these women.

Unlike your typical baby shower, there is no commercial gift giving emphasis at a Blessingway. The guests are invited to spend time with the mother-to-be. It’s very mama centered and friends and family get together to give the expecting mama(s) support as she waits for her labor to begin.. We made a bracelet for each of the mamas to wear in labor to remind her of everyone thinking of her. The guests talked about why they chose the beads they did, what their beads symbolize and we sent a message to the mothers as we strung the beads.

The mamas also got some beautiful henna done on their tummies by the talented Nisha.







Tanya, Sharon, Gale, Andrea H., and Heather, I wish you all a healthy remainder of your pregnancy, a smooth labor, and baby that is a good sleeper! =)

Congratulations to you all!


March 01, 2009

Gardening | Not For Beginners

When I mentioned trying square foot gardening, the hubby looked at me sideways and as if I had insulted him. He said if we're going to garden, THIS is the way he wants to do it from now on. Just like his dad (who still gardens on this scale). Soil is ready and rows are dug. We're ready to go now. Had to pull out the wide angle lens and at 16mm to get this all in.

As my friend Sharon says, we're not gardening. We're FARMING.
Not quite, but pretty close.