March 05, 2007

I Stitch 'N Bitch

Huh? What's Stitch 'N Bitch?

In the crazy transformation of hobbies I've decide to try lately - knitting is now one of them. A sect of the SAHM group I belong to discovered the world of knitting, and so we've created a new group solely for knitters, and a local Stitch 'N Bitch was born. And I'm now an official Stitch 'N Bitcher! Wahoo!

The name refers to informal groups ("circles") of knitters who get together on a weekly or monthly basis in cafes or bars to knit and socialize and these groups have exploded all over the nation. No longer just for grannies, knitting has become hip to the younger crowd and going away is the negative social stigma that knitting has attached to it and bringing more recognition to the hip, creative and edgy sides of the craft.

I would have never, ever, EVER thought I'd want to pick up the needles and actually WANT to knit something, but alas, I did - and I finished. And I'm hooked. Ok, so my first project was the standard beginner project - the scarf - and I'm not certain it can even be called that because it's not very long, so I suppose I can call it a long swatch of knitted yarn. This baby took a while to crank out. It has many, many, MANY imperfections and even had an episode of tangled yarn, but I'm proud to say - I didn't give up.

I'm very surprised at how therapuetic knitting can actually be. You can do it anywhere, anytime and is a good remedy for that nervous energy I tend to get from time to time. I'm proud to be part of the new knitting movement!

Here's a photo of my "scarf"

And below is the yummy yarn I'm using to just play around and experiment with. Trying to learn the *Continental Way* of knitting (I was taught the English way) and also trying to learn how to Purl, which I've been unsuccessful at both. I'm hosting a Stitch 'N Bitch Tea Party at my house this weekend, so perhaps some more seasoned knitters can help me get my Knit On!

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