July 25, 2007

~*Toddler Art Party*~

Sophia and I hosted a Toddler Art Party with our playgroup. Our large covered patio with taped down pieces of long butcher paper was the dedicated art space so the little ones could explore without any worries of mess. We stripped 'em down and gave them finger paints and let them do what came naturally. We kept it short-about 30 minutes, since our young artists' attention spans are still short. After the Mommas hosed their their kiddos off, put on clean dipes, and dressed them, they played for a few minutes while the mommas chatted. Looks like we have some one year old prodigies whose specialty is body art. I think after the wonderful fun we had, (and easy clean up) we will happily host a monthly Art Playdate and explore other art materials with all the senses during all seasons(except Winter because it'll be too nippy to be out on the patio). Thanks to Mothering Magazine for this terrific idea. I think it's a wonderful idea to give kids a strong creative foundation.

Meet Sophia's Art Posse

The soapy clean up tub was just as much fun...

A big thanks to Melanei for capturing the moment so perfectly. Take a moment to check out her Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/melanie_in_texas/sets/72157600992829071/with/890932196/

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