April 12, 2011

Printing up Memorabilia

I finally started the process of getting prints made from my mother and father's slides that I recently inherited. This first one in particular spoke to me. I've stared at it over and over and wondered.

Did my mother take this? Or my father?

What was written on that piece of paper? Was it a to do list that my father was working on? A poem my mother was writing? Did birds often come in and perch on the window? Or is that a ceramic bird?

And who was it that enjoyed Taster's Choice coffee?


For a moment, I thought that was an Ergo on my father's arm. What was that?
Could babywearing have been something he did? I can't imagine the Ergo being around in 1974.
Perhaps it's a backpack.

This photo makes my heart swell. My beautiful Mama in the background with her pelirroja hair, and my aunt Marjorie with my cousin Jason.


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