June 04, 2011

A Letter to My Son on Graduation Day

Seems like just yesterday you were born.

Today, you graduate high school.

My Dear Dominique,

When I was your age, I was expecting you. God gave you to me at such a young age, I was practically a child myself, but what an extraordinary blessing it was. As much as a mother raises a son, a son also raises a mother.

You have taught me courage, love, compassion, peace, harmony, creativity, perseverance, just to name a few.

You were my beacon, my guiding light, my reason for pushing myself as hard as I did. I wanted the best for you, and I was determined to give it to you. You've overcome bumpy roads and big challenges. We did that together.

I'm so grateful for our relationship. I don't know many mothers who have the relationship with their children that I have with you.

This is your life.
Whatever road you choose to travel, my best advice to you is to remember who YOU are.

I made this slideshow for you, my corazon. My heart swells as I watch this.
I'm proud of the man you have become.

With all my love,

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