April 18, 2007

Confessions of a bad Mommy

Hopefully, I won't have to post any more of these confessionals, but I just about had heart failure when I saw what Sophia did the other day while she was eating her afternoon snack. Mike called me into the next room to look at something on the computer and when I promptly returned to the kitchen, Sophia was out of her high chair, squatting on the kitchen island, waving a fork around! Oh. My. GAWD!

Her Chicco high chair has a thick crotch bar to help keep one positioned properly. If I'm in the kitchen with her, I usually don't strap her in with the belt since the tray is pushed up to her chest and the crotch bar is in place and I'm there monitoring. Ah! But the one time I leave the room, she managed to somehow wriggle and twist her body out of her chair and climb onto the adjacent island. I don't even know if David Blaine could have even managed this, but Sophia did and I about died!

Oath to self: I will NEVER EVER EVER leave her in that chair without her belt strapped on.
I know - bad mommy!


Running5k2day said...

Oh my gosh Andrea~this was a scary incident. I never strap my girls in and now I just might have to after reading what happened. Thank God that all was well and she didn't fall of the island...but I too would have suffered from that heart attack!!

christy said...

no way not a bad mommy- ive had that happen before the lil ones are quick .

Just think about this..... back in the day moms drank when preggo & even smoked, they didnt wear seat belts & gave solids to newborns- they turned out ok, lol