April 22, 2007

Funky Sock Monkey Quilt

Here it is - my first handmade quilt! I love it.

Dimensions came out to be 54" x 54" with a thin cotton batting. Since I'm a novice quilter, I hand-tied it with perle cotton, but after seeing the beautiful machine quilted job my mentor did on her quilt, I reeeeaaaally want to learn that soon. It's hard to see the detail in these photos, but the brown background fabric is that of the actual brown socks used to make sock monkeys. So cute.

Sophia here trying to assist. Making sure measurements are correct I suppose. She really liked her quilt. I think she was taken by all the colors.


Running5k2day said...

This is a huge quilt, but it's perfect! I actually love the fact that it's big and can get some good use out of it. Too many baby quilts are way too small and we have to move on to things that aren't so pleasing to the eye. I love sock monkeys!

christy said...

I dont know if I have the patience for it but u make it look so easy :) love it!

Katie Julien said...

Do you have a patter that you worked from? I would love to make something similar for my son's bed :)