June 14, 2009



They say after a vacation, one often suffers from post-vacation funk. I’m not sure if it’s a funk that has come over me the last couple days, but I don’t feel quite like myself — suppose I have a hint of melancholy. I’ve been furiously processing photos from the wedding I shot in La Paz, Mexico, so I’ve been reliving the trip for the last couple days. We watched this beautiful slice of heaven the night after the wedding with guests who came from all over the world to attend the nuptials of our loved ones.


I desperately wanted to bring my mother’s remains and spread them on this trip. Her initial request was to be spread in the mountains by her birthplace in Mexico City, but then, a few years ago, she requested the ocean (how she loved being by the sea), and she made it clear she didn’t want the Atlantic, but rather, the Pacific side. So, when I realized I would be traveling to Baja California Sur, I thought this would be the perfect place — the sea is there, and is in her native country of Mexico. It just made sense to me. Unfortunately, circumstances didn’t allow for us to do this on this trip, however, after traveling there, I realized,
...she has already made her way there.


Victoria said...


What a beautiful picture.

I'm headed for the west coast of Florida in a week or so and I know I'll be coming home with a touch of melancholy. I've needed this trip to the water, the beach, the sunset for so long ...

Holly Ann said...

This is so beautiful. What a shot girl! Congrats on another perfect capture.

iMother2.0 said...

'...she has already made her way there'

I know how much this meant for you, and I'm glad you left feeling this way. Besos.

anja said...