June 17, 2009

Playa El Tecolote | Mexico

Some photos from this pristine, white-sanded beach in Mexico, which overlooks the island of Espiritu Santo, (and where Baja Camp is situated.) I plan to get my family there next summer to enjoy that small piece of paradise. Until then, the gorgeous sunset at Playa El Tecolote was enough to fill me up.






iMother2.0 said...

WOW! So gorgeous, Andrea. The second is my fave.

LOVE your watermark ;)

Melissa said...

Beautiful, beautiful. What a wonderful photographer you are!

anja said...

what amazing pics Andrea...you are incredible..truly. even if you don't 'see it' yourself, your pictures have your vision stamped all over them. I wanna go to La Paz.

Lachelle said...

Absolutely love them all! So gorgeous and breathtaking.

Stephanie said...

These are stunning!