December 24, 2006

*~* Jay's 13th Birthday *~*

I thought I'd do something a little different for Jay since his 13th birthday fell with us this year. He's a Christmas baby, born December 23rd, so it's always a goal to make certain he has his birthday separate from Christmas, which I have to admit, has been hard sometimes - but it's always done.

My brother, Eric, was in town earlier in the week, so we decided to have a small family get together for Jay a few days early and make it a surprise. It ended up being a Longhorn themed Fire Pit get-together, since Jay loves UT and we have a wonderful fire pit in our backyard now. Perfect for the semi chilly December weather we finally have in Central Texas.

My cousin Yvonne, (who I'm sure will be in many of my future blogs, since we're more like soul sisters) rushed over after work to pick up Burnt Orange and White ballons, pull out the hidden cake and decorations, and get the porch ready, while I took Jay on several made up errands while other family members arrived.

We arrived and Jay opened up the back door to be greeted only by a blazing fire pit and lit tiki torches - and then the shouts of "SURPRISE" came. Well, he kinda just stood there and didn't say much. He's a shy kinda guy of few words. Overall, it was a nice evening with grilled fajitas and a game of Scattegories and best of all - spending it with the Familia!

I don't know why Domi looks so serious in this picture!

Happy 13th Birthday Big Guy!

We love you!!!

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