January 05, 2007

Milestones ~ 9 Months

Today Sophia turned 9 months and along with growing, comes increased mobility (eeek). She began rolling herself out of a room at 4 months, and at 8 months, mastered the quick crawl and also began pulling herself up on things. She also quickly figured out how to get back down (a skill that is difficult to learn because infants tend to get "stuck" after they pull up onto something).

So now, I'm pleased to see Sophia has figured out how to manuever down a step we have in our house. The first time she was crawling around in that area, she didn't know what was coming and thunk, down she came - cheek first. No injury - just a spooked baby and an upset momma.

Today, as I was taking pictures of her, she took notice (depth perception kicking in here) of the step and figured out how to get down. Yay! The shots I caught are of her doing it the 2nd time (the first time, I was waiting to catch her, but nope - not needed).

Standing with her push-buggy.

Yes, I know - her bootie looks huge. It's her bulky cloth diaper underneath.

Beginning her descent

Halfway there

Made it! Can you see her joy of accomplishment???

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