January 16, 2007

We have **ICE**

We don't get much ice, sleet, or even snow in Central Texas, however, we are feeling the effects of this winter storm which made its way here yesterday - as you can see from the picture of my fountain outside, taken this morning. The city shuts down if there's even the smallest amount of sleet, probably due to the fact that most people here don't know how to drive in bad weather conditions.

The ice is starting to melt, but will be short-lived since we have more precipitation heading our way in a couple hours. I was going to made quick run to the neighborhood store to pick up some milk. Looks like I won't be going anywhere though. My car door is frozen shut. I hope this clears up soon. I'm gettin' cabin-fever.

Isn't this a sweet picture? Gotta love Domi!

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