May 25, 2007

Nature's Pleasures

As Sophia and I sat on our front porch with the door opened, I thought I spotted something in my peripheral vision move in the foyer of my house. Looked in and saw a bird sitting on the tile. I assumed it was injured. I mean, it just stayed there, not moving for several minutes, and it's beak was opened in this odd way.

Domi gently picked it up and as soon as I saw that the bird let Domi pick it up, I'm thinking to myself, there is definitely something wrong with it and now we're gonna have to deal with this small dying bird. Domi wanted to know if we could call the vet or do something for this animal. Told him probably not. So, Domi just sat down on the bench holding and gently stroking this bird that he was genuinely worried about. After several minutes, the bird wasn't looking as weak as before, so went and grabbed my camera. Lo and behold, after this birdie had enough of looking at Domi (and my camera), it perched itself on Domi's hand and just flew away! There didn't seem to be anything wrong with it. I don't know about you, but I've never had a wild bird sit in my hand for 10 minutes without trying to escape.

1 comment:

anja said...

that's beautiful Domi has a special gift. look slike he heald the bird with love=)