May 08, 2007

Say what?

...was what I wanted to cry out when I saw the numbers. For what? Total Body Fat Percentage. After getting measured and pinched throughout my body, the verdict is in. I'm overweight. (In case anybody out there was in denial like I was).

So after this reality check (and some before pictures I took of myself with very little on, in a 360 mirror -ugh!!!), my denial stage is officially over. I need to lose weight and more importantly, I WANT to now. I've never weighed this much in my entire life, so this is definitely a motivator. Our trainer is great, a female and a bit ADD, but not the militant type of trainer I worried about getting stuck with.

We worked out an hour tonight, I started my cardio on the Elliptical machine thingie and accomplished my target time and then spent 25 minutes working resistance training on my arms. The bicep curls were easier than I thought. Perhaps since I pick up kiddos throught the day (one kiddo being almost 30 pounds) that has increased my strength in that area. I'm also learning how to count the calories for my food intake since we're on a 1500-1800 restriction. Who knew a single tortilla has 110 calories!!! No bueno.

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