May 07, 2007

"Operation Body Back"

I'm on a mission. A mission to lose this padding that pregnancy left me with and I've got a partner to do it with - Yvonne. Wahoo!

I am ready.
I am determined.
And I want my body back.

We signed up for a Summer Shape Up at the gym and will work with a trainer for 5 sessions. They had a special that we couldn't pass up. I'm super excited about this because I will learn "how" to work out in order to achieve my personal weigh loss goals. All those machines and weights are very intimidating and I would naturally head to the tread mill because that's a no brainer, but we've learned that it isn't all about cardio, but apparently also resistance training.

I believe what is going to make this work is that I'm being held accountable. Yvonne and I are in this together, and ironically, we're the same age, AND the same weight - to the pound! The only thing I'm not pumped about is to see the dreaded numbers. We get our stats taken tonight. Something about having my "skin fold measurements" and body fat % does not sound appealing.

So we begin tonight. I won't share what my numbers are now. That's only for Yvonne and my trainer to see, but when I've dropped the weight and shed the inches, perhaps then, I'll share.

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