December 22, 2007

Going out of Business Party

Yep, that's right.
A going-out-of-business holiday party.

For those of you who haven't heard, CompUSA is shutting its doors, thus, my husband (and thousands of others) will be seeking new employment after the holidays. So, to keep morale up and give thanks to the employees, Mike and GM, Aaron, decided to throw a holiday party at the terrific Riata. Lots of gift giving, eating, drinking, and dancing went down. Everybody had a terrific time and apparently let off some much needed steam.

My camera was on incorrect settings, and after unsuccesful attempts to fix it, gave up, and unfortunately do not have a photo of each guest. :-(

Many thanks to Neha and Eva for coordinating, and also to David for hooking us up with this terrific venue.

Can you believe this hooch showed up at the party with the same shoes AND jeans that I had on?!

Ha! Love ya Mandy.

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