December 28, 2007

Letting Go

After a long battle with Mike (and myself), I'm finally letting my teaching supplies go. All of them. I'm clearing away the boxes. It has taken 2 years for me to finally be at this point, but I'm finally there. It's hard -- but I'm there.

I felt like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie "Ghost". You know, when she had to hand over the check for 1 million dollars to the nun and she had a death grip on the check. It was like that with my unit files. You have to understand these unit files are a teacher's bible. The soon-to-be teacher who bought them kept saying, "I know this must be hard..." but she got those boxes in her car speedy quick before I changed my mind. What has kept me from having a panic attack each time I've watched my items (that took years to collect) being carried away, is knowing that every person they have gone to, will use them. They aren't getting used here and well, what's the point in that. It all needs a new home.
And the hubby will finally have his beloved garage back.

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