February 08, 2008

"Must Be Nice"

Those were the words my oblivious husband uttered to me today as I took a much needed cat-nap during the noon hour after the tots went down for theirs. Wroooong thing to say, but I ignored that remark.

But then, he goes on to add, "You have it easy... I watched what you and the tots were doing outside...they were happily running around playing while you were lounged up in the lawn chair reading a book in the sun...must be nice!"

The man clearly does not want to get lucky tonight!

So, I tell him he must have looked out the window during the sole 2 minutes I actually had to myself because I only got 2 1/2 pages of my book read and that he must have missed the episode of Toddler Survivor over the baby doll and stroller as well as the cat-fight over the balls. Not to mention the many times I was chasing tots to wipe snot off several faces, so much snot that I ran out of tissue (and I have the crusty evidence on my sleeve to prove it.)

We had fun outside though. Always do, and I'm thrilled we have gorgeous weather today and for the rest of the weekend.

Here's the coveted stroller.

And here's the CMan chowing down.


C-man and Mama said...

These pics bring such a smile to my face!!

Vick said...

Toddlers are super easy - I don't know what you mean ... :) Man, that's a hubby with a death wish!!