February 05, 2008

School Days

Made a drive up to my old school today to borrow a book from one of my good teaching pals. It was strange going up there and walking through the halls of the only school I ever taught at. I almost felt out of place being there, but immediately felt at home when I saw my old team. I was also greeted in the halls by lines of students calling, "Miz. Triiiiish!". Gosh how they've grown.

I took Sophia with me whom everyone had not seen since I paid my last visit almost 2 years ago. While I visited with my old pals, Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Sefcik, I couldn't help but notice Sophia. She was incredibly quiet and stuck to me. Literally. Wouldn't even crack a smile for her admirers. Then I got to thinking, I've never left her anywhere. Well, in a setting with other children and a different caregiver, that is. The only place she really knows is home. Watching her stand 'frozen' and take in everything in that classroom, I got to wondering what kind of student she will be as she enters school. Will she behave? Will she listen? Follow directions? Love learning?

As I was leaving my old school, I saw Mrs. Morrow's cute bulletin board, and snapped a picture.

And for a moment, missed working there.



C-man and Mama said...

I for one know that Lil' Miss is going to be queen of the class! She will be the one in charge leading the pack and not taking any sh** from anyone!

Andrea said...

OMG, you made me laugh on this one! I've had those 'queen-bee' students before!