February 24, 2008


The moment I heard Obama would be holding a rally in Austin, I knew I had to go. Gates opened at 6:00 p.m and Obama was scheduled to speak at 9:00 p.m. Domi and I headed out early to beat the traffic, arrived at the Capitol before 6:00, and already there was a line wrapped around a couple blocks. It moved rather quickly, and after getting through security, we were approached by an usher who asked if Domi and I were together, and then if we'd like to sit backstage on the bleachers.

HECK YEAH we do!!

We didn't ask questions on why were were 'chosen', we just followed her through the standing crowd up toward the stage. We sat down in shock for several minutes just taking it all in while we watched the crowd fill up 11th street and Congress. We were feet away from where he would speak. And you know what the kicker of it all was? I looked in my beloved SLR Canon and saw that the compact flash card was missing! I left it in the printer after I had cleared it for this event. I wanted to SCREAM.

It was a 3 hour wait before Obama would make his appearance and it began getting very chilly, but the moment he came on stage, I forgot about it all, the memory card and the cold weather. And I had to make do with my crappy cell phone pictures, which did this event no justice, but it's better than nothin', I suppose.





For incredible footage, check out the photos Austin American Statesman has on the rally. Pay special attention to slide #14. If you look on the lower left hand side of the photo, you'll see my face poking out from behind Obama's jacket. I'm right behind the guy with the white shirt. Domi is next to me in the grey shirt with the blue collar.

If you take a look at slide #20, top left hand corner, you'll see Domi clapping.

Obama has a beautiful message and I am thrilled that we got to see him.


Mandaroo said...

What an awesome experience!

Vick said...

How very cool - I would have loved to have been there!!