January 12, 2008

Saturday Outing

Got Sophia dressed, put on her shoes, got snack trap filled with yummy items, sippy cup filled, and her hair done for our girls only Saturday outing. I just had to snap a photo of Sophia with her bow-decorated chongos (spanish for ponytails). You know how long I've waited for this moment...to be able to put bows in my child's hair?

And they're almost on straight.

Had a nice morning. First stopped at the bank to open up a savings account for Sophia since my inlaws sent us a Christmas check specfically for that purpose. Also deposited the boys' Christmas checks in their savings account. Then we were off to Old Navy to check out their huge winter clearance sale and was I happy to walk out of with bag full of items that were 75% off. Bargain shopping feels great.

On another note, I've been looking for a dollhouse for a while now. I don't want plastic, but finding a durable house made from wood, isn't easy to find, but alas, I found this one today.

Since the 'families' are sold separately, I have 4 choices;

Family A, B, C, or D.

Family A - White Family

Family B - Black Family

Family C - Asian Family

Family D - Latino Family

So what happens when members of a family don't fall into just one category?

I can't choose family A because I sure don't look anything like the mother with my black hair, and the boys don't fit quite right there. Next, I consider the Latino family because I'm part Latina and the boys even moreso, however, none of us look like them because our skin is not dark brown. Not all Mexicans have dark brown skin! My mom was the Mexican and she had vibrant red hair, freckles, and skin that would not tan.

I almost think I look more like the mother doll in the Asian family, Mike and Sophia the dolls from the White family, and the boys, well, if they had a Latino family with dark hair, but light skin, that could work.

They should sell the dolls separately so people can pick and choose their dolls to fit their family best. Or perhaps I'm just overthinking things. I suppose I'll get Family A and Family B and just mix the two up and just let the kids use their imaginations.


Andrea said...

A)Glad I am not the only one gettin' giddy over a bargain.

B) Why would a crafty mama (w/crafty friends) such as yourself purchase dolls when I bet you could make your own "rainbow" family?

Andrea said...

You know, I was thinking the same thing! I've got some great ideas brimming. I may have to make a playdate out of it. ;)