March 10, 2008

Best Shot Monday



This shot, of Domi's graceful hands filling the house with music, makes my heart want to take flight. The profound transformation he has made from a young boy to a young man, is marvelous, and makes all the bumps we endured to get here, worthwhile.

For more Best Shot Monday photos, visit Mother May I, for a beautiful post and great photos.


Mia's Mama said...

Beautiful. I wish I could hear him play.

Lara said...

oh i literally had to catch my breath, those photos are so beautiful! thank you for sharing them. :)

Bonnie said...

These photos are wonderful !

Maggie said...

I am completely with Lara - those shots took my breath away. They are so simple and so beautiful. Just stunning!

Vick said...

Gorgeous photos!!