March 27, 2008

Euro Sponge

For over a year, I've been meaning/hoping/wanting to transition to cloth napkins and find an alternative to paper towels, but time has not been on my side and I've been unable to make my own cloth napkins. We ran out of paper towels almost a month ago and I haven't bought any since! Been using handtowels (you can even ask Tanya).

But, look at what I found out about today on GreenFeet.

These are handy, dandy Natural Euro Sponge Cloths. One can apparently use them over and over again to clean, wipe, and dry kitchen and bath surfaces. The best part? Each Euro Sponge outlasts 17 rolls of paper towels. Since each pack comes with 3 sponge cloths, that means one pack saves you from buying 51 rolls of paper towels. As the website states, "You're doing double the good by keeping paper towels out of the landfill and keeping your hard earned cash in your pocket".

I can live with that.


Mia's Mama said...

we use dish towels a lot, but plenty of paper towels, too. Where did you find 'em Mama? Have you run and posted them on the O'Mama board yet? they'll jump all over them :)

David T. said...

I've been looking for something just like these!

Andrea said...

I forgot to link where I got them!


I'll update this entry to add link.