March 07, 2008


With April right around the corner, I've been planning Sophia's 2nd birthday party. I've been known to go "all out" for parties and entertaining is something I've always enjoyed (hey, it's the Latina in me, we like big get-togethers, and I'm not gonna apologize for that, kay?). However, I don't ever do anything drastic like hire a pony for kids to ride, and I do prefer to have birthday parties at home (as opposed to big chain facilities) especially for little ones. That way we're not rushed, and we can eat and drink whatever we wanna, and get as loud as we wanna!

So, with budget contraints this year, I'm looking at how I can pull this off without emptying the wallet since we're springing for crawfish, so I'm being creative and this is what I've planned thus far:

I will cave and go the Evite route. As much as I dislike doing this (I'm all about getting a cute, handmade invitation in the mailbox...makes it feel more personal), this year, birthday invitations will not be made nor mailed, to save on postage and paper (oh, and time...something I have very little of these days).

Decorations will be simple to the point of probably just balloons and the piñata! There may even be some
cascarones that come out and surprise a few victims.

Probably no goody bags this year. Well, at least not elaborate ones. However, kiddies will at least go home with an adorable (and even handmade) treat, which will be part of the cupcake decorations.

On another note, Spring Break is almost here! Casa T. will be closed for the week and we're heading to San Antonio on Sunday. Will do a facial Arbonne party at my friend Susan's, check in on the lil' brother, and head to the San Antonio zoo, and whatever else we decide to do. I'm sure I'll go to town with my new lens, which just arrived in the mail!

It's what's called a 'fixed' lens, so I can't zoom and am getting used to that component, and from what I can tell so far, it takes some some pretty cool pictures. I love that the aperture can go to 1.8! Gives some great depth of field photos. Played around with it today. I had to bump the ISO to 1600 because of the low lighting in the living room, so I'm wondering if that's why I'm seeing the grain in some photos. Or is it because I had the aperture wide open? I just dunno! Nonetheless, I managed to get some shots.





All ready to go outside in the windy, chilly weather.
It only takes about 20 minutes to get everyone's socks, shoes, jackets, hats, etc. on! The girlies are all about wearing each other's clothing now. They're like sisters swapping clothes and accessories out. The next thing they're going to start doing is asking each other, "Do these dipes make my butt look big? What kind do you have on? Can I borrow them?"




Bonnie said...

Yes the grain is from the high ISO. The higher the ISO, the more grain. Just like with film. And remember you are still using a zoom lens even with a prime. It's just that the zooming no longer happens on your lens, but rather with your feet : )

C-man and Mama said...

You've really got a knack for this photo thing! Have a great Spring Break!

Mia's Mama said...

I always heart your photos. Have fun in SA.
oh, I feel ya on the need for a big pachanga...and the desire to reel it in a little :)
We always do ours at home...a playdate one on Friday for Mia and her pals, and a big pachanga with beer...for friends and family.
I went so ALL out on Mia's First, that I was sick for the next week...NOT worth it :)