January 25, 2009

Jessica's Bachelorette Evening

Hello! I'm back! But only for a quickie. Just enough time to process a few photos, (and I mean just a few) from Jessica's bachelorette party. The wedding was last weekend, and she was such an incredible looking bride.

I think I was the oldest attendee at the bachelorette party, and after our dinner at Vivo and the lingerie party, I didn't even have it in me to join the girls downtown. Yep, I feel that old and tired. At least I had a Mandy with me, who is preggers and was ready to go to bed before I was. I wish I had time to post more (I know, I'm pathetic), however, things have been crazy busy on this end. But, at least I took a few hours to stop, and smell the roses. ;)





iMother2.0 said...

What gorgeous shots, Andrea...especially the last one!

I sooooo know what you mean about feeling too vieja to party ;)

Bonnie said...

Very nice.