January 19, 2009

My Official Name and Logo (and Website too!)

Here it is. My logo.


And my preschool's official name. Terra Luz.
Terra = Earth [Latin]
Luz = Light [Spanish]

Coming up with an official name for my program took what seemed like forever, but it had to be perfect. The name had to have *meaning* for me and I wanted to show that my program is a non-traditional one. After brainstorming with friends and family, it hit me. Terra Luz.

The logo was created by the talented Mark Anderson. I love how the logo evolved and I'm relieved that Mark was able to get inside my brain and create the vision I had. And he did it beautifully. The sprouting tree is young and playful, and will grow like the children who I work with now and will work with in the future. The circle gives the feeling of cohesiveness and of closeness which I have with the children and the families of my program. The sun is beautiful because embedded in it, is the moon and evokes the rhythm of nature. The circle is not closed, shows that this is a place for *open-mindedness* and allows for flow. I also think the opening resembles an arm beckoning one to come in and play.

I would like to share this clip from a Reggio-inspired school. I posted this on my private blog, but thought it was worth sharing here. Now, if I can only find property to expand and move my program offsite. If you want to take a peek at my website [that the talented Kiwe of the O'Mamas put together], you can check it out here.

This is my *why*.


Mia's Mama said...

The logo is BEAUTIFUL and oh so perfect! LOVE LOVE LOVE your website!
I'm sure you'll have peeps lining around the block trying to get their child in..glad Mia doesn't have to fight for a spot :)

jw said...

wow! So awesome! Beautiful name and logo!

C-man and Mama said...

Bravo Mama! I know how much work has gone into this and it shows.
I am wishing you nothing but good luck on this new journey!

anja said...

Congratulations Andrea! This is GREAT! I am very happy for you and wish you success in this fantastic endeavor. I love the name, the logo and the website. Its going to be amazing. Blessings.

Christina said...

Oh Andrea I am so thrilled for you!!! It looks amazing. Perfect. I'm in the middle of this process with my photo biz, and I can totally imagine how good you feel to see your dream taking shape. Dang but I wish we were in Austin!

MGF said...

I just checked out the site. It is amazing. I wish I lived in your area. The pictures are content are truly wonderful.

Best Wishes to you.

When My friends son gets old enough I will recommend her to you.

Vick said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Love the name, the logo and the web site. And. of course, the philosophy behind it all. I can't wait until Miss O is 2 :)

Sara Ballard said...

Wahoo!! It looks spectacular Andrea!! You will do so well! The site looks great, and the logo is PERFECT!!!

Lachelle said...

AWESOME! Everything looks so great! Great logo and even greater website. It looks like you'll have your hands full for a while. :) Congratulations!