January 01, 2009

Spider House Cafe

Domi and I rediscovered the awesome Spider House Cafe on the drag by campus. So we went twice in one week. The 2nd time, we were joined by some good friends.

Domi LOVES Anjalika. He adores her. He was so worried about her when we heard about the Indian bombings since she was back home visting family during that time, and he kept asking if we had heard from her. He was relieved to hear she and her family were safe. And then wondered if she would be back in time to accept his invitation to his Winter Concert. I told him she would not be back in time, but maybe next year. ;)

Within minutes, Domi found a way to sit next to her on this bench. And poor girl. I think he gave her his cold (I thought he had allergies!). I just love how my son loves my friends too. And Tanya, just so you know, Jay was asking why you weren't there. In his words, "
Tanya. Yeah, she's cool".




C-man and Mama said...

I spent many an evening at The Spiderhouse! Ahhh, the good ol days!

Mia's Mama said...

I'm still bummed that my mama needed a nap that morning. I miss you all soooo much, and it's so amazingly wonderful to see Anja and Anika in your pictures again!

Just look at that second shot with Domi smiling. I think he's pretty cool, too ;)

anja said...

loved Spider House, especially with you and your beautiful children. I loved hearing all about your ideas for CDN or will it be Casa T? I am so proud to have such an enterprising and hard working friend, I'm sure you are going to create a inspiring, nurturing and enriching environment at your escuela. I LOVE Domi too, make sure he paints a mural in the space..My fave story of the day was the description of your littlest one refusing to give it up to the potty;) LMAO.