February 04, 2009

Standing My Ground

Well, the property I discussed below, we walked away from today. Even though the landlord agreed verbally to our proposal this weekend, once he ran it by his father, we were told they do not negotiate on leases. I find that strange, especially in this economy, but all that does is confirm that Terra Luz is not meant to be there. As a small preschool, I'm not comfortable moving into a property at that monthly rate. If I were to pack many children in the classrooms like the previous tenant did, then it would work, but that goes against my philosophy.

So, I'm standing my ground, and moving on.

Sharing a photo from the beginning of our clay exploration this week, which brings a smile to my face today.



Christina said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out as you'd hoped...but I have no doubt that something better is around the corner. Good for you for standing firm!

S- said...

That place wasn't meant to be. The right place will present itself and all the pieces will fall into place as they were meant. No worries..you'll find your place soon!

Hugs to you as I'm sure you are disappointed. I'm sorry, Mama.

xo, Stephanie

iMother2.0 said...

I'm so sorry they went back on their word. You will find your escuelita :)

C-man and Mama said...

Good for you mama! As disappointing as it was nobody should be bullied into making a bunch of trade-offs. You knew this would be the hardest part but once you cross this hurdle it will hopefully be smooth sailing.

Eric said...

Oh mama, I am so sorry but I agree this just wasn't the property for you. The perfect one is out there waiting for you. Be patient and things will work the way there were meant for you. Terra Luz is meant to be - one not so trustworthy landlord won't stand in your way!

MGF said...

Glad to hear you are keepin things the way you vision them to be.
You'll find something soon.

Vick said...

Ugh. The emotional roller coaster must be really hard for you, but I admire (and appreciate) your sticking to your vision and not giving in on what you value and believe. It will happen.