March 26, 2009

Golf and Tennis Sized Hail

This is what my area got pummeled with yesterday afternoon. It came down so hard that the hail smashed through our skylight and it began hailing in our house. Domi, Sophia and I were crouched in the living room waiting for it to pass. Mike was on his way home. It took us several hours to clean up inside the house which lasted until mid morning today. Our yard and plants look pitiful. We even found a dead bird in the yard. And poor Rose. She's all beat up. We adopted her last year and were nursing her back to life--now, there is not much left of her, much less the rest of our roses.




What yesterday looked like seconds before the hail began to make its way through our roof.



Victoria said...

Oh no, Andrea :(

I'm so sorry your skylight didn't make it. I hope everything is fixed now?

Melissa said...

SO sorry ya'll got hit so hard! It's so discouraging to have so much damage to the plants. I hope everything comes back alright. And I hope the skylight gets fixed without too much hassle.

Christina said...

Oh my goodness, Andrea! that's some serious hail. We didn't get anything up here, just a couple hundred miles to the north!

iMother2.0 said...

we're just 10 minutes away from your house, and all we got were marble sized hail, and no damage. I'm sooooo sorry that it broke up your house and plants...poor Rose


Glad everyone was safe :)