May 17, 2011

Keeping Up

At times, I feel a bit overwhelmed by our garden this season. With the exception of the Roma tomato plant I bought already as a seedling, the tomato plants tower over any others we've had in years past, and even with the grooming, they clearly need extra support or staking. They all have tomatoes on them, but none are ripened since I got seedlings in a couple weeks later than I wanted. I'm especially excited to see how the Red Zebras (below) turn out tastewise. The fig tree (above) is loaded with figs, which surprises me with the drought we've had in Central Texas this spring. I'm also irked that spider mites attacked our artichoke plant, and now it looks like they've made their way over to our pole beans. Always something new each season, and trying to figure out how to treat and prevent.

After adopting Stella, she ran through our garden in its infancy, so many of our smaller veggies didn't make it (a row of carrots and some lettuce) but we did have several feral tomatoes pop up throughout our garden.



Some before and after photos, taken  a month apart, in April and then May.

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