September 28, 2008


My honey and I aren't much into the gift-giving thing for one another. Things seem to go to the kiddos, and even then, we're mostly on the frugal end. But this year, I had a little something special for him. A framed print of this shot taken last month by my friend and talented photographer, Bonnie Berry.


And did I receive a gift from my hubby?
Yes, I did indeed.

I'm now the new owner of THIS lovely little baby.


Mia's Mama said...

I LOVE Bonnie's work...I'm working on a little something for Daryl's birthday...also from Bonnie...actually, from the same shoot...but of me, not you ;p

Way to go MIKE!!!!

Christina said...

Andrea, you are stunning. That is a gorgeous image of you and a gogeous gift for your man.

and the lens? Sweeeeet!