September 02, 2008

Squirrels by Domi

Just wanted to share the blackboard drawing Domi made for the Casa T. kiddies.
This week, the focus is on Squirrels and Nuts, and my darling did the honor of sketching our weekly blackboard drawing (in about 2 minutes).
Isn't he the sweetest?


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Mia's Mama said...

Awww those are the cutest lil squirrels! What a super fab drawing...and so quick :)

Vick said...

Love the squirrels!

Christina said...

just boy is just too amazing!

I wish I was close enough to send Nadia to Casa T!

Stephanie said...

He's so talented!!! It's a great drawing! Your pride shines through. :)

MGF said...

You have an artist on your hands.