November 12, 2008

Football Firsts for the Tots

Coming up to take a breath after a busy, busy couple weeks, but wanted to quickly post these pics from Domi's high school's last [well, it was supposed to be the last] game, but the football team made playoffs, so marching band season is still not over!

Our friends, Andrea, Daniel, and Colton, and Anja and her Anika joined us to watch the band march their last performance (or so I thought it would be) of their award winning 'On Edge' Show. Well, I must have missed the memo because they didn't perform their show (this is why I need a personal assistant). Instead it was an end of season combined show with the other high school band. I was pretty disappointed, especially since our friends came out to see the band's show (and it takes a LOT of effort to find parking, get through the mobs of people, and find somewhere to sit, with toddlers mind you, in chilly weather!)

But I have to say, the tots enjoyed taking in what we all know as Friday Night Lights in Texas.








C-man and Mama said...

Even though we missed seeing the award-winning show we enjoyed the game and company!

Mia's Mama said...

How FUN! Daryl just saw this and wants to go to their next if their at home or totally local :)

Andrea said...

Yes, the daddies seem to actually watch the game, unlike us mommies, who sit and gab.=)

Alas, play-offs are in Houston.

anja said...

what a fun night it was, i was not disappointed at all..great pics as always!

anja said...

Oh and LOVE the new look for your blog, very nice!

Sara Ballard said...

Cool new blog settings! Wow, what a fun time anyway! We'll have to get the kids bundled up next year and head out to see some games, I am sure they'd love the crowds and music!