November 20, 2008

At Least He Got Birthday Beer

My honey's birthday was yesterday. The plan was to dress up, go out to eat (sans toddler), just us two, and come home and enjoy each others company. By the end of the workday, we ended up ditching the dressing up and eating out part, so Mike brought take out and we relaxed at home.

A few years ago, I forgot my husband's 39th birthday. Yes, I earned the Bad Wife Award that year. I made up for it on his 40th by throwing him a HUGE Casino surprise party and his peeps from Louisiana flew out for it. That was the only time I've seen Mike cry.

Now I find myself almost earning the Bad Wife Award again. I don't have any photos to commemorate this year's birthday. The good thing is Mike doesn't get his feathers ruffled like I would. But still. The man deserved a cake on his 44th birthday.

Things have been so busy on both our ends. He's working so hard to keep his new business running strong and steady, and I'm busy getting my in home childcare program licensed through the state. Every evening is filled with eating, cleaning up the kitchen, doing paperwork, brainstorming for an official name for my program (which I'm still stumped on), and burying my nose into one of the many early childhood books I'm reading. Looking forward to our Thanksgiving break next week and Jay will be flying in!

But how cool is this?
My friend Tanya walked in yesterday morning with this 6 pack of beer, and my initial thoughts were, I don't need a drink THAT bad at 9:00 am! She then tells me that is not for me.
It's Mike's Birthday Beer!



Mia's Mama said...
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Mia's Mama said...

ohhhh you're a GREAT's how you treat each other day to day all year that counts.

I'm glad he liked his birthday beer :)

pakosta said...

my hubby forgot my bday last year and it made me so least you spend your time together! that's most important in this life!

pakosta said...

p.s. is CAsa T the name of your working blog with all the cute pics? i want to see but it says private now?! can i join? i just love your photos!


Joanna said...

What man doesnt love beer? I am very taken with this photo of his beer. Sounds so silly, I know. The perspective is cool, but you captured the colors great! Leave it to a 'chic' to put a ribbon on a mans birthday beer! ;0)

Yvonne in Austin said...

That was sweet of Tanya :)