November 23, 2008

Growing Pains

Last night, we drove to my brother 's house for dinner, which is down by the lake. For those of you who live locally, we take Volente Rd (a windy road) to get there. Sophia even squeals, "Wheeee!!" as we drive down it. On many parts of this road, it feels secluded and even a bit like we're in the mountains surrounded by trees and darkness, and at times, like a rollercoaster, with its tight curves and hills.

As I put my brights on Domi says, "Oh, yeah, Donovan did that when we drove down this road last week". So, that reminds me, we haven't had a chance to really talk about what he did with his uncle while Mike and I went camping. (The HS made football playoffs, so the band had to go with them to Houston last weekend, so that's why Domi stayed behind under the supervision of my brother).

Me: "So what did you do with Donovan last weekend?"

Domi: "Oh, yeah Donovan taught me how to drive!"

Me: [a bit startled at first, then reminded myself that Mike has been working on teaching Domi to drive for a while in the empty church parking lot and down our neighborhood street. And Domi is after all, at that age].
"Ok, sounds good. Where did he teach you?"

Domi: "What do you mean?"

Me: "Did he teach you in the parking lot of the high school?"

Domi: [in the most casual voice] "No. Actually, I drove down THIS road after he picked me up from the high school Saturday night."

Me: [my head does a subtle jerk] "Uh, you drove down THIS road at NIGHT?!?"

Domi: "Yeah! I drove all the way to his house! And I didn't panic once!"

Me: [sigh]

*Note to Donovan: In a few years, Auntie Andrea is going to show your girls how to apply makeup, and how to walk in "Tacones" (heels) before you're ready. Orale?
Heck, I may even buy them some princess dress up heels for Christmas. I KNOW you'll LOVE that.

I enjoy hanging out in Domi's room. I know, it sounds crazy. Most moms don't want to open their teenager's doors with a 10 ft. pole, for fear of what they might find. For me, I especially enjoy sitting in there and looking at what project/creation he's currently working on.



Mia's Mama said...

ohhhh Donovan! Give his girls princess tacones :)
I've driven down that road, and it's curvy enough during the daylight!

Vick said...

I'd be buying a ton of princess dresses and maybe a Barbie for good measure :)

C-man and Mama said...

Well if it makes you feel any better when I took driver's ed that is the first road they had me drive and then the second time we took Spicewood all the way to 360 so even if he had been in a class he likely would have ended up on "that" road albeit not at night.

Stephanie said...

We drive that road pretty often. I don't think that would be the first place I would take Miss M. for practice. YIkes. But it shows that he made it okay so he must be a pretty good driver!

leaca said...

uh oh! lol. my daughter is taking the drivers test today. eeeek!

Christina said...

Oy. I am so not ready to even think about that.

Yvonne in Austin said...

Wow, I guess if he doesn't realize it's a "scary twisted road" at night, then he didn't even worry about it! And I can just hear Donovan, "Good, now just watch out for deer, you wouldn't want to hit one of those". LOL

Golightly said...

Great shot of his room. We actually hang out in Big Brother's room quite often. He's 18 and a Senior, but not driving yet. [thank goodness] I'm looking forward to that day. Harrison will want to drive the second he turns 16 I fear. Heck, he'd probably drive now if his feet reached the pedals!