November 25, 2008

Surviving Camping

Last weekend, we packed up and went camping for our final trip of the year. And, boy, was it COLD! With everything going on, I was not prepared for our trip, so planning and packing was done at the last minute (and most of the camping duties were left to Mike). I managed to get our clothes, toiletries, and first aid stuff packed up, in addition to cleaning the house before we left (one pet peeve of mine is to leave the house dirty when we go on a trip...there is nothing worse than coming home after travel to a dirty, messy house!)

So, we get there WAY after our "planned" arrival time. Let's just say the sun was setting as I was checking us in (which took 20 friggin minutes because of a mixup with my BIL cancelling at the last minute). Needless to say, we were setting up camp in the DARK.


Luckily, Mike's boy, Dallas was already there and they had their camp set up, so the guys took care of setting up our tent, while Natalie and I watched over the kids and kept warm by the fire. Oh, and did I mention that Mike forgot to pack the sleeping bags? Yeppers, we camped close to primitive style the first night! I was pretty much, pissed (mostly at myself for not having checked). Luckily, he remembered the blankets, but it was a damn cold (30 degree) night. The following night was MUCH better. Wind was gone, so it was nice. The days were gorgeous. Cool and sunny.

I'm still looking forward to our spring camping trips, and now, have learned my lesson to not procrastinate. And we're also not doing 2 day camping trip any longer. It's just not worth it for 2 nights after all that planning, shopping, packing, setting up, and then undoing all that the next day. 3 days will be our new minimum.

Who's ready to join us in the spring? Hehe...









Mia's Mama said...

OMG! ALL those shots are GORGEOUS!!! I know I say that all the time...but they ARE!! The first one with the moon! and then all the color and sun flares!
Te aventaste!!!

ok. did you shoot them all with your super pro lens? MAJOR lens envy over here!!!

p.s. LOVE Ethan and his worm

p.s.s. camping in the Spring? We're sooooo there!

C-man and Mama said...

Cman loves camping and I would almost be tempted to say one more time this month if we could fit it in but realistically we are probably looking at this summer which will be a whole new adventure with taking a newborn camping. Oh and next time you need my camping checklist!

Andrea said...

@ Tanya, yes these were all shot with my new pro lens.

The worm shot is my favorite! It was so grossy...all wiggly and moving and he didn't care. Gotta love boys.

Andrea said...

@ Andrea, oh there is no way I'd want to squeeze one more this year. It seems too cold. But I do like camping with some coldness mixed in. Who liked to camp when it's hot and there's no campfire to cozy up next to?

It's crazy, when we went last time, I had this long old check list! I have NO idea, why I didn't use it this time. Lesson learned.

Definitely will be camping but probably in the spring. Too hot in the summer.=)

Joanna said...

That looks like a beautiful place to camp right on the water. Sometimes the cold weather adds to the experience....even though I am a wuss! You got wonderful rich colors, especially that blue, blue sky.

Melissa said...

Gorgeous! I have never been a camper but your shots are going to turn me into one sooner or later. Probably sooner.

Bonnie said...

We will so not be joining you. My idea of camping is a hotel with no room service. And everything about this story illustrates why I hate it.