June 09, 2008

Español para Niños

I hosted my first Español para Niños (Spanish themed playdate) today with the O'Mamas. I wasn't sure how to organize such a playdate as my usual playdates are art-based, spontaneous and free-formesque.

I figured the most exciting and fun way to introduce kids to Spanish would be through simple songs and books. I showed them the colors in Spanish and we made popsicle books with the colores en español. Inside the books, the mamas wrote in the color words in English and then in Spanish and the the kids rubbed the colors on each corresponding page. Then, I gathered the kids and mamas inside and had us sit in a circle for some music and singing time. I pulled out the basket of maracas and eggshakers for the kiddies and passed out the lyrics and notes to the mamas and put on the music. This is the part where the kids get really excited right?


I have never seen kids scatter so quickly. They had NO interest in singing along to our bilingual song.
None. Nada. Zilch.

So, us mamas were left singing to ourselves while Sophia rolled on the floor fussing and wailing, "Off! Off!" and the rest of the kids occupied themselves with other things. The only one who went along with the music was Stephanie's youngest. (You made my day C!)

I'm going to try this again and next week focus on numbers and animals and hope that the kids will take to the music portion better.






Shots below by Melissa


Stephanie said...

You are too hard on yourself! It was still a very fun time. It was laid back and mellow. My babe LOVES music so he was one very happy attendee!

Mel said...

Ah, well! You never know until you try...it's hard to get them to sit for anything!

Mia's Mama said...

Te aventaste! Can wait to get back into town...Mia's been getting a lot of Spanish practide down here. She's pretty much immersed.

Mia's pio pio shirt is blue :)

anja said...

Man I wish I was in on this one, looks like so much fun. Those little books are a great idea!