June 15, 2008

A Thank You on Father's Day


Papa, I'm writing this because I realized I haven't written to you. Not since 1992.
And I want to thank you, on this special day of Father's Day.

I thank you for sacrificing so much for your young family, when you yourself were very young when you became a husband and a father.


I thank you for instilling a hard work ethic in me, and the virtue of perseverance...that if you put your mind and your heart to something, the possibilities are endless.

I thank you for giving me life changing experiences, even when I fought and resisted 90% of the time, especially during my teen years, and then got there to realize, oh...wow, you were right. Like here, when you took me on an exhilirating and thrilling rafting trip down Grand Canyon for over 3 weeks, and you found moments such as this, to let loose and be silly.


I also thank you, for fighting to have your time with your children.

And this photo, taken just the week before you flew off into the horizon, after many years, finally gave me comfort because you died doing what you loved, which was flying.


After many years of unyielding pain and anger, I've made peace with what's happened. The saying, 'Time Heals all Wounds', is true, but to a certain extent. The wound is healed, however, there's a scar and I still miss you. More than you can imagine.

Happy Father's Day, Papa.


Stephanie said...

A beautiful tribute to your father.

Mia's Mama said...

I was about to comment 'what a beautiful tribute to your father'

I hate being able to share this kind of sadness on what should be a very happy day. Un abrazo muy fuerte para ti.