June 12, 2008

Thursday Therapy

Ok, so instead of a sweet sappy Love Thursday post, I'm posting a polar opposite topic, Thursday Therapy!!

Let me tell you about my crappy Thursday.

I've been spending the last week chauffeuring my son to his brass institute camp on the other side of creation. I'm NOT complaining about that part because this is an amazing opportunity for him and the experience did wonders for him last summer (and I'll do anything for my kids, even if it means spending 20+ hours a week in my damn gas guzzling car).


I've been dealing with Austin's rush hour, FOUR times a day, which is absolutely MAD.

It's ridiculous.

It was NOT like this when I commuted to central Austin when I was a student at UT and working downtown. Now I understand road rage. How do you people deal with this on a daily basis!?! This is what I've been sitting in all week.

This combined with the $70 it took to fill up my tank this week (which is now empty).

Oh, and then this stupid number I accidentally did to a parked car last night...

...makes me want to get a friggin' moped!

And no worries, the guy has all my insurance information.


Mia's Mama said...

Pobrecita...I SO feel you. I don't know what it is about Thursdays...but last one sucked, and this one...well...I'd just like to forget about it.

That is SO like you to take a pic of the car...oh, is it for insurance, or just a cool pic?


Yvonne in Austin said...

I hate sitting in traffic and commuting. I sat in that Mopac mess for 2.5 years and I'm over it!!!!!!! I know how hitting someone feels too - it's just a crappy deal! :)

Christina said...

ugh, that is co fun at all. The best part of being a SAHM is saying goodbye to those commutes! But from what we saw of Austin rush hour when we were there....it's nothing compared to here! And the entire Austin area is so small!