June 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Mandy!

Joined my longtime pal, Mandy, to celebrate her birthday. I met her the summer after I graduated from UT and she was fresh out of high school - a total pup. Over a decade later, she's still one of my true friends. She's the type of friend who will help you move a big ass armoir into your place and then help you move it back out when you and your boyfriend break up. And then help you move it back in when you get back together. Or the type of friend who will jump in the car with you last minute for a weekend drive to Louisiana to find the 'right' wedding dress.

We were joined in this festive evening by her hubby, family, and a few old school friends.






Happy Birthday to you~
Love ya!


Bonnie said...

Love the last shot of you three.

Jessica said...

Those are great-thanks for sharing! :)

Mia's Mama said...

ditto to what Bonnie said....also, I need to meet this Mandy of yours. I have an armoir.... :)