June 18, 2008

A MidSummer Workshop

Today we had a chance of pace at Casa T. L's mama had a workshop so she got to come over to play and brought her big sister! It's amazing what we got done with an older one around and I was diggin' this multi age thing with a 4 year old. We went on a nature walk, make suncatchers, created art with watercolors and acrylic, swung in the hammock, had water fun, assembled puzzles (that had 24+ pieces) read tons of books, and acted out a fairy tale. It was great because I had a little assistant help me fill the trays with water for watercoloring, help gather botanicals on our nature walk, help push Sophia in the hammock swing, and help me clean up. It was a fun filled day and makes me happy knowing that what I do brings much joy to little ones hearts.









Christina said...

your days are so full of fun adventures!!

Mia's Mama said...

what a wonderful day!
The watercolor...on the left, looks like a woman dancing :)

Andrea said...

oh wow! I didn't see that at first. And of course that would be Miss. L's watercolor. She's a budding artist.