June 14, 2008

The Payoff

After a torturous week of rush hour traffic and 20+ hours in my car (10 hours of that with a toddler), and being super close to cutting the umbilical cord to my teen, I got the redemption I needed this morning. A beautiful musical brass performance by young musicians from all over Austin.

What's unique about the Brass Institute is (and as Domi puts it), the students are not 'dictated' to, the directors foster creativity, and they didn't have to waste valuable time on discipline and thus, all the time was focused on the music. The environment was relaxed and casual, yet the music was bold and refined.

I had a challenging time capturing shots since Domi's placement was on the opposite end of where I was sitting and the lighting was terrible, but this first one (which I almost deleted), I especially like. He's the one one the far left.




And a heartfelt thank you to Adrian, Domi's private lesson instructor. Domi is beginning his 5th year with Mr. Griffin because he saw potential in my son. When he left his position with the public schools and accepted a position at the University of Texas in San Antonio, he only took two of his private lesson students with him for continuation of lessons. And Domi was one of them. I respect his pedagogy, and appreciate the way he teaches, his guidance, the support, the motivation, and mostly, the patience, he has given throughout the years.



Melissa said...

what a proud day - he's lucky to have such a wonderful mama in his corner.

Mia's Mama said...

Ohhhh how I want to here him play. What a phenomenal concert it must have been with such elite musicians.
I played clarinet in Jr and High schools...do they still have 'chairs'? I was always the last one :( never did practice.

Congrats Domi and congrats Mamita for making it this week!

Andrea said...

Yep, they still have chair placement. He's held 1st chair for the last two semesters in the band he's in, and even though it's not the Honor's Band (mostly seniors), I remind him was only a freshman.

If you want to hear him play, he's going to perform a solo and duet at Live Oak UU in the next coming weeks, you're welcome to come watch!

Stephanie said...

How proud you must be! I know that I get excited and all nervous when R. had his piano recital especially the last one because it was a much longer song. At Domi's level it must be even more thrilling and exciting!

Andrea said...

Thanks Steph!

Just FYI, I don't think nervousness ever during solo moments. I still find myself holding my breath with my jaw clenched until it's over.

Moreso for the trumpet than the piano though.

I haven't been able to hear R. on the clip you posted b/c my speakers aren't connected or something. Always having tech difficulties with my computer!

Christina said...

How your heart must have swelled with pride to see your boy up there! Congrats!