June 26, 2008

Love Thursday: A Second Look

While shooting pictures of Jay last weekend, I noticed how he was holding the ball and so I snapped the shutter quickly. This image captures perfectly what his love and passion is, which is baseball. And it's very true--my eye through the viewfinder does remind me that love is all around me, even if he's not here all the time.



C-man and Mama said...

What a great catch!

Mia's Mama said...

ahhhh what a lovely shot.
I know it's been hard not seeing him as much b/c of his sports commitments, but this is a great reminder that his heart is full of love...for sports, and very much for you :)

I *heart* Jay

Conchi said...

Hi!! I love as you captured the love in the environment. B/W photos have something special.
If yo want, we can practise Spanish and english, ja, ja!!.
I'm going to see you.
Kisse from Spain

Mel said...

great job. I can't believe you caught this heart!

Christy said...

Amazing capture!