July 09, 2008

Enjoying what Austin has to offer

I love Summer and Barton Springs.
And being able relish them both with my kids.


My boys are the most amazing big brothers to Sophia.







After swimming in Barton Springs, we headed over to P. Terry's, my favorite burger joint in Austin. They use hormone-free meat that is locally grown, and organic tomatoes AND have the BEST french fries. Like my grandma used to make.

Life is good.


Mia's Mama said...

Life IS good!
What an great time. Yes, your boys are SO great with Sophia...so gentle and caring. It's so sweet to see. LOVE your shots!

I have YET to go to P.Terry's...I know I know :)

Mia's Mama said...

p.s. Noticed Sophia had her suit on. Yay Sophia! :)

Andrea said...

I know!! It's the FIRST time she's kept one on. I put it on her before we left the house and held my breath as she was putting her legs in it.

It's actually Miss. L's suit, which is probably why she wanted to wear it. Already loves wearing her friend's clothes.

Melissa said...

I am so loving these pictures. There is so much love there.

Vick said...

Your boys are just amazing - and Sophia is gorgeous :)

Maggie said...

Barton Springs...one of the only places in TX that I have actually been! I thought it was just gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as these shots of your little one with her big brothers! Talk about precious...that could melt any heart!

Christina said...

Yeah! Barton Springs rocks!!!

Oh, sorry...I got a bit overexcited to see a place I'm familiar with. ;)

Your boys seems like some of the fiest big brothers and some of the finest young men ever.

Seeking Sara said...

"Your boys seems like some of the fiest big brothers and some of the finest young men ever."
I totally agree with this statement. Lucky mama, lucky Sophia, lucky girls who get to be with them later!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! The love comes through in those photos.

Allison S said...

I love all of these shots, especially the ones of Sophia with Domi - so tender!

anja said...

I just love the shots of Sophia with her brothers it makes me want to have many more children, and I NEVER think that. Just PURE love.