July 31, 2008

Look Honey!

I cleaned out and organized the closet under the stairs today, per your wishes.
Need a wide-angle lens to get the whole thing, but can you at least see the organization?


Are you happy now, honey?
And will you hang up those pictures for me now?

Sophia (and the tots) now have room to sit inside and browse through hundreds of other books. Our own little library and listening center!




Mia's Mama said...

'Need a wide-angle lens to get the whole thing'


Hey Mike, along with hanging the photos up, go get Andrea a wide-angle lens :) ...um, MIke, I'd like one, too ;p

What a wonderful organization job, Mamita!!!! Well, done. Love Sophia in her diapie seriously reading something about fractions.

C-man and Mama said...

I already thought it looked organized?!?! Shoot dont send Mike over to our casa...LOL!

Andrea said...

Tell me about it. Ha!

No, he thought it looked unorganized and messy, so I took everything out, and only returned about 75% of what was in there.

Christina said...

WOW! Now that's one awesome home library!

anja said...

can i come over and let anika loose there?

Andrea said...

Haha! Of course!

You'd be surprised how the kiddos actually enjoy helping clean up. Sophia is in training.


Dawn said...

Wow girl! i didn't realize you had so many books! I thought i had a lot for Brecken- and so organized. Can you come back to my house and help me organize- make everything look so pretty! :)

Andrea said...

Dawn, YOU of all people, do not need help organizing! I stayed at your oh so lovely (like a model) home and I don't even think there was a single dustbunny in sight, let alone disorganization.


Mollie said...

WoW! Glorious!

That effort would be lost in my house as my kiddos like to take the books out and make big shapes/homes/paths on the floor... then cry that cleaning is boooooring. So they stay there. For days.

Beautiful Job!