July 31, 2008

Love Thursday ~ Trust

I was inspired by Tanya's post today, and I knew I had to share these images I got yesterday evening. What I love about my husband is captured here. He'll come home from work, start dinner, and still take the time to take his daughter on a tricycle ride when she asks him. He never says, "I'm too busy" or "I'm too tired". What I love the most is he'll get on with her since her feet aren't long enough to pedal. And he doesn't care how silly he looks to those driving by.
This is what Love is all about.




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Melissa said...

Oh, that is too stinkin' cute! She looks so happy!

Cocoa said...

Can you imagine the memories she'll have of this, telling her own children - hopefully doing the same thing for them? Beautiful.

Happy Love Thursday!

Seeking Sara said...

Oh, How Cute!!!! That is so sweet! Great shots!!

Christina said...

Now THAT is awesome. So full of love.

anja said...

i love these two..=)

Vick said...

Your husband rocks :)