April 24, 2008

Another find!

Lookie how cool this is! I found these reusable produce bags on Green & Clean Mom. Although, I have converted the family over to reusable grocery bags, I hadn't figured out what to do about the plastic produce bags, but knew there was a way. I'm sure these are easy to make if one knows their way with a sewing machine, but how cute is that design!

Green & Clean Mom is also hosting a giveaway to win a Healthy Home Pack™ , a chance to win two BPA free sippy cups (Foogo and Boon) and more...

1 comment:

Mel said...

Thanks of the site! I am about to get some reusable sandwich bags at reusablebags.com. And I need to get a set of cloth napkins. But I'm hoping to learn to sew thos myself - how hard can it be?