April 24, 2008

Growing Pains

Last night, my house was full of hustle and bustle, with assisting Domi in packing for his first spring Band trip at a beach resort. He will be gone for four days. Four! Without me. Why does this make me nervous? He's a freshman, there will be chaps monitoring, I should not feel nervous, yet, I am. The thought of a couple hundred teenagers at a beach resort, well, just makes this momma a wee bit anxious. Who will he room with? Will his roomie be nice?

So, these were the items on his packing checklist:

-Pack suit and dress shirt in garment bag
-Pack dress shoes and black socks
-Pack clothing for 4 days
-Pack Hawaiian shirt for Luau
-Don't forget swim suit!
-Flip Flops
-Toiletries (razor too)
-Cell phone and charger
-Pack lunch for the trip there.

So after checking his bags, I found the following missing:

No dress shirt
No black socks
No sunscreen
No razor


After more hustle and bustle, the rest of the items are packed in his bag. Except for the razor, which he declined to pack (I think he feels embarrassed that he is one of the few guys who has to shave.) So, I say that's fine, but to at least shave in the morning since he had some major facial hair goin' on. He agrees.

This morning:
The hubby and Domi leave for school and I notice several minutes later that Domi's lunch in still in the refrigerator.


They return to pick up the lunch bag.

While he is running in to grab his lunch, I notice the scary facial hair is still present. He says he forgot to shave, but doesn't have time now since he's running late. This momma sighs as she gives him a kiss goodbye.

15 minutes later, the hubby calls me because Domi has forgotten his music and asks me to meet him outside with it.

*sighs again*

So, the fact that, in 3 years, my teen will be graduating high school and probably leaving my nest, frightens me. Will he be ready? Will I be ready?? As is is, it took every ounce of my being to resist pinning his spending money to his shirt today.


Mia's Mama said...

I loved reading this post...felt as if I was standing right next to you...holding the fridge door open and staring at Domi's lunch. All the back and forth was HILARIOUS!

Three years can do a lot for a kid...I'm sure he'll be fine. You, I'm not sure about ;p

Stephanie said...

I feel your pain, truly! I can't even begin to contemplate the idea of Miss M. leaving in 3 years...and don't forget she's a full year younger than Domi! I wish I held her back a year for kindergarten. This Mama *sighs* right along with you!

Be strong, he'll be fine. The four days will fly by for both of you.

Andrea said...

Ah, yes, starting Domi in kinder at age 6 will give me another year with him! I NEVER realized that. =)

anja said...

Lovely post. Hope Domi's trip went well.